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If you have visited the Garden recently you may have seen our new large wooden planter at the top end of the Garden. Our volunteers have planted it up with some lovely spring flowers and plants and its a lovely addition to the Garden.

While the regular maintenance of the Garden is done by Aspire on our behalf, we hope for families to be able to help us with the planting and upkeep of this area of the Garden. We will share more details on Facebook pages, newsletter and our website when we are able to. We have also added some vases set by the name tiles for families to leave flowers - please feel free to use these.

Our garden looked beautiful in the recent snow so we took the opportunity to take some wintry photos.

It's lovely to see how the garden changes with the weather and throughout the seasons.

Please feel free to share your photos of the garden with us by tagging us on our social media (our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all linked at the bottom of this page).

Once again, we have set up a small Christmas tree in the Ashford Baby Memorial Garden. Families are welcome to take one of the wooden stars and to write their special message, before adding it to the tree. The tree will remain in place until the New Year. The blank stars are hanging are in a pot attached to the post and are completely free, but please bring your own pens! We will leave more stars as necessary over the coming weeks.

Thank you.

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