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Our garden looked beautiful in the recent snow so we took the opportunity to take some wintry photos. It's lovely to see how the garden changes with the weather and throughout the seasons. Please feel free to share your photos of the garden with us by tagging us on our social media (our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are all linked at the bottom of this page). 


Once again, we have set up a small Christmas tree in the Ashford Baby Memorial Garden.  Families are welcome to take one of the wooden stars and to write their special message, before adding it to the tree.   The tree will remain in place until the New Year.

The blank stars are hanging are in a pot attached to the post and are completely free, but please bring your own pens!  We will leave more stars as necessary over the coming weeks.


Thank you.


This week (9th-15th October) is Baby Loss Awareness Week. Normally we would hold our Wave of Light on the 15th October but as we are unable to this year we have uploaded our programme for a ‘virtual’ Wave of Light that you can read through at home. You could also light your own candle at home for the hour. 

We have added pink and blue bows and some small signs at the garden to raise awareness of this special week


After seven years as part of Sands, we decided the Ashford Baby Memorial Garden would be better run as a separate charity, and we have now set up the ‘East Kent Baby Memorial Gardens charity’ to manage the Garden from 1 October 2020.  We look forward to working closely with East Kent Sands which will in future concentrate on support to families and our local hospitals.


The new charity will make sure the Ashford Baby Memorial Garden continues to be the beautiful lovely place it has always been.  We will be able to make sure the Garden stays accessible, that as many people as possible know about it, and that name tiles will continue to be available at a modest cost.  We will be able to decide ourselves what activities we undertake, how we use every donation we receive, and every penny we fundraise we will be able to use locally in East Kent.


Our new website is now live! Thanks to Jo for creating and managing our web site, and to Ellie for taking some fantastic pictures of the Garden for us.  We will be continuing to update and improve the website. over the coming weeks. Please get in touch and let us know what you think!


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We have always been proud of the fact that we have been able to raise enough money through fundraising and donations to cover our costs and any other year would have expected to raise around £5k during the summer. But because of Coronavirus, that has not been possible and we have just a token amount in the bank. Our main costs are the annual maintenance contract for the Garden, insurance, storage of equipment, events and modest ‘admin’ costs, and we also need to build up a reserve for future years to make sure the Garden is there for ever. At the same time, we don’t want to increase the name tiles costs beyond the current £40.

We have applied for some grants, but ideally, we would like to raise money to make sure our finances are safe for the coming years. We have never appealed for money in the past, but we are in some very strange times and if you feel you could make a donation – however small – that would be much appreciated.


Donations can be made direct to our bank (account name ‘East Kent Baby Memorial Gardens Group’, sort code 23-05-80, account number 38580124), via


or by post to 13 Goldings Court, Ashford TN24 9JR.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


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October 2020


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