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Baby Loss Certificates Introduced

We are pleased to see that bereaved parents who lose a baby before 24 weeks of pregnancy in England can now receive a certificate recognising their loss.

Ministers say they have listened to bereaved parents who have gone through the painful experience of miscarriage.

Campaigners said they were "thrilled" that millions of families would finally get the formal acknowledgement that their baby existed.

Currently parents who have experienced baby loss since September 2018 can apply.

Applicants must be 16 years old, have been living in England at the time of the loss and be one of the baby's parents or surrogate.

This is really good news and follows many years of campaigning by families and charities.

If your loss was before September 2018, we understand this news though positive, may be upsetting or frustrating. We are hopeful that these certificates will be available for you in time and will update you.

You are able to get Memorial Certificates instead here:


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