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Canterbury Hospital Baby Cemetery

Not many people knew that hidden at the back of Canterbury Hospital was a baby cemetery, with almost 100 babies buried, right up to around 2003 when the Hospital's maternity services closed.

The cemetery is right at the back of the hospital site, with access via the path next to the Supportive Therapies buildings, just before you reach Nackington Road.

Sadly the cemetery had been neglected, with fences down, a very muddy access path and a general air of untidiness.

Following pressure from our charity, the hospital trust has made some great improvements and the cemetery is now far nicer, and safer, than it was, with new fencing, a general tidying up, and a new access path.

We were delighted to present a custom made bench to the Trust and formally handed this over to Tricia Hill, Hospital Chaplain at the Hospital, in lovely sunshine.

Thanks to the Trust for listening to us and, more importantly, for making the area a really lovely and appropriate place to remember 100 of our very special babies.

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