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Faversham Nameboard

Exciting news for anyone in Faversham. We are really pleased to announce that the West Faversham Community Centre has erected a nameboard, the same as those in the Ashford Baby Memorial Garden, for any local families who would like to have a nametile there.

This is in the Centre's garden at the rear and families will be able to have their baby's name at either Faversham, or Ashford, or both.

If anyone would like a nametile for Faversham (or, indeed, for Ashford), please contact us. We ask for a one-off donation of £40 towards our costs but this can be paid in instalments if needed.

As well as paying for the board, our charity has also donated a beautiful wooden bench, engraved with 'Always Loved, Never Forgotten' across the back.

We continue to be on the lookout for any areas in other towns where we can work with local communities and organisations to create additional local nameboards.


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